minimalist movie

I told my friend about this class, and she suggested that I use this website called “Canva”, and now I’m highly recommending it to anyone taking this class or needing to design things in general. I love how easy the site is to use, and although not everything is free, the majority of the options are and I was able to create this simplistic movie poster for this assignment. I originally was going to find a sticker of a candle I liked and arrange it on the background 16 times, but I couldn’t find one that I liked that looked simple enough, so I chose the number candles instead. I messed around with it for a bit after, and tried to see if I wanted to add any other elements such as balloons, a birthday cake, or borders, but I felt I was straying away from the challenge of being minimalist and kept it to this!  Also, I’m going to try and start using other fonts for my blog post than the regular old Times New Roman and choose ones that I think go along with the assignment/fit the mood of it.  P.S. – The movie is 16 Candles in case you haven’t heard of it or seen it! Molly Ringwald is amazing in it, go watch! (mood)

week five

I dreaded this week because it’s not my forte at all, and frankly just not my cup of tea. I also hate hearing any audio of my voice, it always makes me cringe, and I’m sick with a flu this week (if you can hear my nasally voice in any assignments, I apologize). The daily creates were pretty fun this week. I like that the last one  was Valentine’s Day themed, but I think I had the most fun with the flow field art. I was sitting in front of my computer for a while just on that website!  I think I would’ve done better on the general assignments if I hadn’t been sick, but I’m still pretty proud of myself because this was the first time I’ve ever edited audio like this before. Doing these assignments makes the idea of creating my own radio show with my group (and I really like the two ideas I came up with) a little less intimidating, now that I have a general sense of how to work Audacity. This week, Youtube tutorials were my best friend!

radio show ideas

I came up with two ideas for the radio show we’ll all be making! Hopefully I’m on the right track:  One:  Influencers  – Talk about some of the biggest influencers of the decade (music influencers, cultural, fashion, political, etc.) Two: 80’s Crime – forensic psychology really interests me so I think it’d be interesting to talk about some of the biggest crime investigations of this decade.

tweet along

I was a bit worried at first that I would have no idea what to say about the story I heard on Tuesday, but as the radio show went on, I actually ended up tweeting a lot more than I thought I would. Here are a couple of my favorite things I noticed about the story! i like how the speaker's facts about melting glaciers/global warming is reinforced with another person giving facts about it! also the kind of eerie music in the background kinda reflects how i feel about climate change (scared!!!) #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) February 12, 2020 he (the radiohost) connected the audio and ended his sentence with "a home"…and then the audio picked up with "a home?!", I think that's super cool, and really connects the audio to the speaker even more (did it again with the full moon!) #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) February 12, 2020 the sounds of the night really make it feel like you're there as the audio continues…would be a lot different if it was just the audio #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) February 12, 2020 the boiling sound….temperature rising! (makes me think of our oceans boiling). #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) February 12, 2020 "polyphonic listening"…not about the audio but i learned a new word #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) February 12, 2020

moon graffiti

I feel like from the very beginning of this audio, it creates a sense of atmosphere. The voices are accompanied by background noises (the beeping, the static) that make me feel like I’m watching this happen or actually in it. It gave me a bit of anxiety, the beeping definitely did, and as things continue to go wrong and they crash, the loud silence afterwards just creates a sense of dread. I’ve personally never liked the idea of space, or space movies…they scare me a lot). The biggest similarity from this audio podcast and film/movies is how they both create a sense of mood through the background music. It can build suspense, create a sense of relief, anxiety, and so much more! I couldn’t imagine watching a movie or listening to a podcast about a story without it.


Two of my favorite things to relax to are the sound of the piano, and the sound of rain. If I’m stressed out before bed, I usually put on some rain sounds or piano sounds, so for this assignment I decided to combine the two and created a little track that would soothe me (I’m actually listening to it as I type up this post!). The piano is so beautiful, whoever wrote it, I wish I could just thank them. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 

in honor of valentine’s day…

For this assignment, I took a little twist on it. I decided to honor the theme of Valentine’s Day as well as out 80’s class theme, and pull a monologue from one of my favorite movies!  I added some background music from Youtube Free Music that I think fit the script. Also, I apologize for my sickly voice. I tried so hard to get through reading this without coughing my lungs out 🙁  P.S. – if you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy and are in love with McDreamy like I am but haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to watch it! Patrick Dempsey has been amazing since his teen years.