final project summary

Hey guys, we’re almost done with this class, I can’t believe it!  I got the inspiration for my final project from the movie “I Am Legend”, starring Will Smith. In short, the basis of the movie follows Will Smith as he tries to survive a “zombie” apocalypse and searches for a cure.   I’ve decided to go through each of the storytelling elements that I used in this project, category by category, and explain my thought process, editing if there were any, explanations for each, etc. Audio:  I knew I wanted to start off this project using audio because I felt it was the best way to begin providing information about the plot of my story. I could have used video, but I think audio created a mental picture that I would then continue to add on to as I went along with the story. I used audio clips from Youtube, such as the newscaster clips you hear, a few clips from the movie “I Am Legend”, where you hear at the beginning a woman talking about her cancer “cure”, and recorded my own voice as well as my sister’s voice towards the end in a conversation. The music I played in the background was also from Youtube. I put everything together using Audacity and it took about two days to get all the clips […]

final project plan!

Idea: “I am Legend” approach but 80’s style Hey everyone, so one of my favorite post-pandemic/apocalyptic movies ever is “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. For my final project, I decided to take this movie and put a couple of twists on it.  First, I’m going to try my best to include an 80’s decade theme to it. For example, in the writing and audio parts of the story I’ll try to include typical 80’s slang that is used, and also maybe talk about items that were typically used in this decade (such as a walkman) as well as make references to movies, icons, or political figures or events that someone from this decade would use.  Spoiler alert!  The story I’ll be following is my character (I haven’t chosen a name yet) will be the last survivor in the pandemic, and she is trying to discover a cure for the disease. Those who were affected by the virus are now zombies, but similar to the movie I Am Legend, they only appear at night/can’t be exposed to sunlight. The story will follow the character as she goes about her life and her struggle to find a cure (she’s a scientist), her hopes that other people may be out there, and reflections on her past life. Elements I will be using (that I know of […]

week twelve

This week was a lot easier than the past two weeks, which I’m super thankful for. I’ll start by talking about my mashups! So for the first mashup, I combined an audio I created weeks ago and added video clips to it to make a sort of music video/video aesthetic. The audio is the sound of rain with piano, meant to be relaxing. It’s the type of audio I would listen to while reading or writing, or even studying. I really like all the clips I put together and the overall general aesthetic of the video I wanted was to create was a rainy autumn day.  The second mashup I created was an 80s Movie Scene. I used the ending scene from The Breakfast Club and the boombox scene from Say Anything. I edited it using PicsArt from my phone and then emailed it to myself. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I think both the pictures fit well together!  I also did an Emoji Mashup, in which I took a picture of my sister imitating her favorite emoji. This assignment was rated 4 stars in the course but I felt it was really worth only two, so I ended up doing the video/audio mashup afterward since I felt the Emoji mashup and 80s scene mash-up weren’t really worth the 8 stars […]

remixed poetry art

I sort of kept to the 80’s theme by including a poet who was around in the 80’s! Charles Bukowski is a German-American writer. I’ve seen a lot of his poems and short quotes on Pinterest and I love his writing. It’s very raw and straight forward, and he talks a lot about serious topics, such as alcoholism, poverty, and relationship issues.  The remix I chose was to do an assignment that you wouldn’t want your parents to see (parental advisory card). I had already created poetry art a few weeks ago and it was one of my favorite things I did, so I chose to go with that similar assignment. I tried to keep to the similar minimalistic theme as my previous poetry art assignment. I kept the pinks and greens of the paintbrush strokes and wanted to keep the elements of the bottle and hands similar to the lines I created around the person in that picture.  I found the quote and pictures on Pinterest and edited it using Canva, instead of through PicsArt like I did originally. I edited the images in Canva using an effect called “distorted”. I think using this effect provides a visualization of how someone’s reality is distorted when they drink or take drugs, and especially when they do both at the same time. The background I […]

aesthetic audio/video mashup Hey everyone! So I created my own mashup assignment (maybe I didn’t but when I was looking I didn’t find one like this) but I’m sure there’s something similar to it out there. Basically I just combined my audio from this assignment a couple of weeks back, and some video clips I found on Pexels.  I tried to match the clips to the aesthetic of the sound I had created. For example, you’ll see in the video that the first clip is of rain (of course) and then followed by a clip of someone playing the piano as those keys chime in from the audio. Surprisingly, if you look closely enough, some of the keys that are being played in the audio seem to match up with the person playing in the video. It’s not perfect, but there’s a bit of synchrony there and that was a stroke of luck for me because I didn’t try for that! I also color edited a few of the clips, such as the kids playing in the rain, the picture of the plants blowing in the wind. For each clip, I increased the temperature and saturation a bit and brought down the brightness a little. I wanted to create a fall, rainy day vibe.  As the audio got quicker I made the clips shorter to match […]

you’re a mean one!

For this remix assignment, I decided to remix one of my old poster designs and add a Dr. Suess character to it. The original assignment I created was a Body Dysmorphia poster. I spent some time looking up Dr. Suess characters, trying to figure out which one would fit the best. My first choice was Horton (the elephant), but then I thought about the Grinch. The idea I had for him came together gradually. I thought about doing a body dysmorphia poster but then it kind of turned into a personality disorder poster (part of the remix on my end I guess). What I wanted to get across in this image I created is how The Grinch is battling with himself. In the mirror, he sees an angry image, who’s supposed to not care about anyone or anything and wreak havoc. But inside he knows he’s good! Or at least, he knows he’s able to become good!

emoji comparison

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (I’m rating it a 2 personally) Hey guys! So this assignment was very simple and easy to do. I just had to take a picture of a friend doing something in the moment that looks like one of the emojis on a phone. My sister was with me doing her homework when I found this assignment, and I asked for her help. She told me her favorite emoji was the one smirking with sunglasses on, so she found a pair and I took a picture of her! These are the results:  Since this assignment was very easy and done in two seconds, I chose to do a third assignment to do, so that will be my next post!  What is your favorite emoji? 

80’s movie scene mashup

✰✰✰✰   For this assignment, I chose to combine two famous 80’s movie scenes into one picture. I’ve seen this picture of the scene many times, just in pictures and references on blog posts, etc., but I’ve actually never seen the movie itself (Say Anything). Maybe it’ll be the next quarantine movie I’ll watch! I tried to make it look like these two were jamming out to music together and trying to get someone’s attention. I got both pictures from Pinterest and edited it using PicsArt on my phone. I think the lower part of Bender’s body up until it reaches his arm looks pretty realistic. It was hard to crop his arm and the head, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I chose these two scenes because I figured it would be easier to make it look like one whole picture with people who were presenting in similar positions (standing), wearing similar clothing (the coats). To me, they honestly look like they could be friends! I had thoughts at first about putting the guy with the boombox (not sure his name) in Bender’s end scene (on the football field) but I thought that background with the car might’ve made that more difficult to do.  Let me know what you think!  If you’ve seen both of these movies, which do you […]

week ten

      So I was really looking forward to this week. I thought it would go a lot smoother than last week but since I had a lot more going in my other classes this past week, it ended up being a lot harder than usual. I was able to create more content last week and didn’t end up meeting the criteria for the 10 stars this week (I got to 8). But by the end of the week, I was absolutely exhausted. I’m sure a lot of other people are feeling this way! I’ll start off with my favorite video I’ve ever created!! I asked my family their opinions on pineapple on pizza (there’s 7 of us, and three of them are kids under 10 years old!). I sent the video to a lot of friends and family, and they all seemed to love it. I was really proud of the work I did with this video, especially for it being the first video I’ve ever edited from using my own footage. I think my favorite parts of the video are the subtitles/captions and then the funny intermediate clips! The second video I created was a video about my dream life. After experiencing Filmora9 with the first video I mentioned, I wish I had used that app with this video as well […]