let’s revisit!

Hey everyone! The posts I’ve decided to revisit were the Bucket List inspiration and the Dance Camp poster. I thought it would be fun to revisit the first because I had added new ideas in my phone notes, and figured this would be perfect to add on to it. I also got to cross off “learn to skateboard” on my original list because being stuck at home gave me some time to go outside and learn, so that was a cool little thing and I felt a tiny bit of accomplishment. I also added more places I want to travel to the list, as well as a few more activities and things I want to learn.  For the dance camp poster, I had the idea to rework it and make it more of a poster that fits our class theme. I kept the original wording and everything, but redid my design and added more elements using Canva (because I like it better than the original app I had created the first poster with). I thought it would be cool to tie it to our theme and maybe create some poster about this like you would’ve seen in that decade! Let me know what you think!