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  one of the best songs ever, change my mind!!! (you won't). this song makes you feel like you can do anything, the lyrics are so creative, it's a catchy tune, and everyone can relate to it in some way#tdc2986 #ds106https://t.co/YpLMEDgMF3 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 17, 2020 #tdc2990 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/eiUhaMBUBZ — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 20, 2020   an air hug is the new greeting, but 6ft apart!!! 😂#tdc2985 #ds106 pic.twitter.com/kLBokSsvrU — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 15, 2020 I smiled as I turned up the volume on my favorite songs. The weather was finally starting to get warmer, and I could feel my mood elevating as I breathed in the fresh air that blew in from my car windows. I was excited about this semester, even though I knew it would be tough.  Suddenly, the music cut out. I frowned and fiddled around with the radio, still paying attention to the road ahead of me. A loud alarm blared through my speakers, and soon a monotone voice took over the radio: “This is not a test…The CDC has now announced its recommendation that every state goes into a federally mandated lockdown.” Pause. Repeat. Pause. Repeat. “Do not panic, this is not permanent. Please only make necessary trips outside of your home. More information is listed on the CDC’s website, as well as your […]

future project ideas

So it’s time to start thinking about our final projects, which is scary yet exciting to me because that means this semester is coming to a close! Here are a couple of general ideas I’ve come up with so far: 1.) Some sort of show (video/audio/podcast) that goes through the biggest plagues/epidemics/pandemics our world has seen. We could create some design elements about how to prevent the spread of disease, create commercials advertising medications and even audios or fake news videos about current “Breaking News” for each pandemic covered.  2.) 80’s Influencers – this was one of the other ideas I had for the radio show from week five I believe, and I still think it would be interesting to do this theme in which we talk about some of the biggest influencers, but then go into more detail about how they’ve influenced our current world in the 2020’s. We don’t even just have to include pop culture influencers, but scientists/researchers, inventors, architects, political leaders, doctors, activists, etc. There’s so much that could be done with this! Let me guys know what you think of these ideas or if you think of other ways to really hone them in to be more specific or even broaden them! I’m open to any suggestions 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!

design blitz

Color doesn’t always have to be bright, which is what I realized during this design blitz. These colors are neutral and dark, yet they still work together to create a beautiful map (I wish my iphone quality was better than it appears in all my photos).  I bought this candle today at TJMaxx, and I thought it was a perfect representation of typography. The designer used a font that really connects the scent and its name, and the color and theme of the candle. It’s a simple design for the candle, very minimalist, and captures even the wording used to describe the scent – faded suede, desert driftwood and misted musk.  This picture I found in my friends bathroom represents two things to me! First, is symbolism. There are so many different symbols and pictures that can create a theme, and of course these shells help represent the beach theme and design. I also think that it highlights a sense of proportion; all these shells are different sizes (just like they are at the beach) and they are designed in a unique way around the font.  I apologize for the poor camera quality again, but this image of a shower curtain represents rhythm. To me, this rhythm of the design creates a pattern that has a lot going on within it (within the white […]

20 minute capture

Black and white photographs are a classic look. Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood Take a picture that represents wildness. Make a picture of death (but don’t kill anything in doing so). llustrate attraction in a photograph today. Make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it! Forced perspective – make something small look big, or big look small. My room turned out to be the perfect place for this activity. I was a bit nervous about this assignment at first, because I’m pretty picky and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to taking photos, but I ended up really loving this assignment specifically because it made me think quickly and challenged me with something I love to do (photography). I also love editing photos; I used VSCO, which is an app I also use for my own personal photos for things such as social media posts. I’ve been using it since middle school and it has never failed me. For nearly all the photos, I edited the contrast, exposure, saturation, highlight, tint, added filters, and I also added grain to the black and white one. I hope you enjoy my photos! (time: 12:51 – 1:07 pm) P.S. – I rearranged them from the original list and started with my most favorite photo to […]

what the 80’s mean to me

When I think of the 80s, I think of a setting/environment in which some of my favorite shows take place. (Stranger Things and Carrie Diaries [which deserves way more seasons that it got, by the way]). I love everything about the 80s, from the music, to the aesthetic of the clothing and the crazy neon colors; I would absolutely love to take a time machine back to the 80s.  Some of the most iconic and well-known movies were born in the 80s as well, for example, “The Karate Kid”, “E.T.”, ”Ghostbusters”, “’Back to the Future” and “The Breakfast Club”. I think we could really use these popular movies to explore the theme even more, and maybe even draw connections between them. I also think we could also look at the 80’s not just from a pop culture point of view, but take into account the political/social environment of the 80’s and how this influenced the pop culture. #ds106thingsthoughts


Hey everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m a junior at UMW. My major is psychology with a minor in Spanish. I’m super excited for this semester because I’ve never taken a course like this before and I know I’m going to learn so much (I also love the 80s). Let’s have a great semester! hi!! i'm excited for this semester and hoping to learn a lot from this class 🙂 #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) January 16, 2020      View this post on Instagram            A post shared by @rachelds106 on Jan 16, 2020 at 4:11pm PST #ds106introductions