final project summary

Hey guys, we’re almost done with this class, I can’t believe it!  I got the inspiration for my final project from the movie “I Am Legend”, starring Will Smith. In short, the basis of the movie follows Will Smith as he tries to survive a “zombie” apocalypse and searches for a cure.   I’ve decided to go through each of the storytelling elements that I used in this project, category by category, and explain my thought process, editing if there were any, explanations for each, etc. Audio:  I knew I wanted to start off this project using audio because I felt it was the best way to begin providing information about the plot of my story. I could have used video, but I think audio created a mental picture that I would then continue to add on to as I went along with the story. I used audio clips from Youtube, such as the newscaster clips you hear, a few clips from the movie “I Am Legend”, where you hear at the beginning a woman talking about her cancer “cure”, and recorded my own voice as well as my sister’s voice towards the end in a conversation. The music I played in the background was also from Youtube. I put everything together using Audacity and it took about two days to get all the clips […]

week twelve

This week was a lot easier than the past two weeks, which I’m super thankful for. I’ll start by talking about my mashups! So for the first mashup, I combined an audio I created weeks ago and added video clips to it to make a sort of music video/video aesthetic. The audio is the sound of rain with piano, meant to be relaxing. It’s the type of audio I would listen to while reading or writing, or even studying. I really like all the clips I put together and the overall general aesthetic of the video I wanted was to create was a rainy autumn day.  The second mashup I created was an 80s Movie Scene. I used the ending scene from The Breakfast Club and the boombox scene from Say Anything. I edited it using PicsArt from my phone and then emailed it to myself. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I think both the pictures fit well together!  I also did an Emoji Mashup, in which I took a picture of my sister imitating her favorite emoji. This assignment was rated 4 stars in the course but I felt it was really worth only two, so I ended up doing the video/audio mashup afterward since I felt the Emoji mashup and 80s scene mash-up weren’t really worth the 8 stars […]

week ten

      So I was really looking forward to this week. I thought it would go a lot smoother than last week but since I had a lot more going in my other classes this past week, it ended up being a lot harder than usual. I was able to create more content last week and didn’t end up meeting the criteria for the 10 stars this week (I got to 8). But by the end of the week, I was absolutely exhausted. I’m sure a lot of other people are feeling this way! I’ll start off with my favorite video I’ve ever created!! I asked my family their opinions on pineapple on pizza (there’s 7 of us, and three of them are kids under 10 years old!). I sent the video to a lot of friends and family, and they all seemed to love it. I was really proud of the work I did with this video, especially for it being the first video I’ve ever edited from using my own footage. I think my favorite parts of the video are the subtitles/captions and then the funny intermediate clips! The second video I created was a video about my dream life. After experiencing Filmora9 with the first video I mentioned, I wish I had used that app with this video as well […]

week ten

In short — this week was a lot of work, but it felt the most rewarding to me and it has been my favorite week so far, and I’m actually really looking forward to this coming week. Let’s start off with sharing my daily creates: #tdc2994 #ds106 grabbed this picture from the website, and decided to use it in an advertisement poster! Did everything using Canva. let me know what you think! — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 24, 2020 #tdc2990 #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 20, 2020 The first one was my favorite! I thought it was a clever idea and I really like the colors that are used, I think they complement each other well. Now let’s talk about the assignments I created. I’m pretty proud of myself with every video I made, but by far my favorite was the video about the 80s. I feel I captured the essence of the decade well, and although there was much more I could’ve included, it’s already a bit lengthy at 3 minutes. Also when I came up with the idea for how I wanted to end the video I was so excited because I thought it was neat! My second favorite it the movie trailer for a book that I read called The Hunting Party. This was the video that gave […]

week 9

This week was pretty relaxed, at least for this class. I’m still adjusting to the online courses, I’m sure everyone is. Despite the situation we’re dealing with, I’m hoping to adjust and get on a new schedule soon that suits me for the rest of the semester. I had the most fun this week with connecting the daily creates and creating a short story (I love writing so that was fun) and revisiting my previous work was fun as well. I liked being able to see what I wrote and created and coming back to them with new ideas and ways to go about things. I added to my Bucket List Inspo, and reworked my Dance Camp poster so it fits our 80’s theme!  The thing I struggled the most with was coming up with future project ideas…I’m not sure why but I couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted to create besides something that everyone’s already talking about so much (the virus). I feel like it’s just so ingrained in my thoughts so much that it was the only subject I could really focus on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find inspiration from other people’s posts and come up with new ideas when the time comes! Stay safe everyone!!

What’s Their Damage?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re staying healthy and safe! I’m really excited about the radio show my group put together. After meeting in person the week before spring break, we came up with a plan about how we were going to tackle the show. Most of our work was done in Google Docs (such as gathering the information on the criminals we’d be covering, figuring out what type of commercials and design elements we’d make). We all made our own logos/stickers/posters in Canva (mine is shown above) and we created our own bumpers and commercials for the show as well. I created a bumper about self-defense classes since and advertised for self- defense against criminals like the ones we discuss! For all the audio I created, I used Audacity (which by this project I finally feel very comfortable with). Since we, unfortunately, got sent home, we weren’t able to meet in person and record the show together as we had originally planned. Instead, I recorded my main part of the project (the information about Jeffrey Dahmer) at home, using my sister’s high tech microphone (she likes to sing/record music so that’s why she has it). Here’s a picture of it if you’re curious to see what it looks like! It looks pretty simple, but it was very sensitive and picked up so much background […]

week six

I swear the weeks just keep going by faster and faster! I had a lot of fun with this week. Canva was my best friend, and I had a lot of fun with the assignments. I was easily able to connect our 80’s theme to this week; I felt like I could’ve done it for each assignment I did. I started out with the minimalist movie poster that was suggested, and I feel like that was the majority of my theme for this week – minimalistic design. The three assignments I connected to the 80’s theme were the charity poster, one story four icons, and the minimalist movie poster. My favorite one out of these three was probably the minimalist movie poster, I love everything about the minimalistic style of design! My other two designs, the body image cover and the alternate book cover were also pretty simple. The body image cover was very personal to me, and I was proud of what I created, while the alternate book cover I created shortly after to kind of lighten the mood after creating something a bit more serious. My least favorite part of this week was the design blitz. I’m not sure why, it wasn’t super hard, but I think I  just prefer creating and designing my own things more than examining others, but I […]

week five

I dreaded this week because it’s not my forte at all, and frankly just not my cup of tea. I also hate hearing any audio of my voice, it always makes me cringe, and I’m sick with a flu this week (if you can hear my nasally voice in any assignments, I apologize). The daily creates were pretty fun this week. I like that the last one  was Valentine’s Day themed, but I think I had the most fun with the flow field art. I was sitting in front of my computer for a while just on that website!  I think I would’ve done better on the general assignments if I hadn’t been sick, but I’m still pretty proud of myself because this was the first time I’ve ever edited audio like this before. Doing these assignments makes the idea of creating my own radio show with my group (and I really like the two ideas I came up with) a little less intimidating, now that I have a general sense of how to work Audacity. This week, Youtube tutorials were my best friend!

week five

Even though this week’s focus was photography, I felt like I did way more writing than last week, in which we focused on the writing aspects of digital story telling and had assignments from the writing bank.  I don’t mind writing, at all, but I guess it was something I didn’t expect as much of for this week! My favorite part of the week was the Photoblitz and the Daily Creates (one, two, three). With the Photoblitz, I was really able to be challenged and connect it with a lot of meaningful aspects in my life (such as the butterfly and the pointe shoes), and I feel like I was able to make it into something really personal to share instead of just a “busy-work” assignment. The visual assignments were pretty fun as well, my two favorites from this week were the Four Lines, Five Dots, One Curve, and the GIPHY movie of the Karate Kid. I’m not sure why but I struggled to get my Word Cloud the way I wanted it to look, and it took me way longer than expected, but it was also fun to learn a bunch of 80’s slang with this assignment. The Dance Camp poster was also fairly easy but PicsArt has a ton of options on how to edit photos/add things to it, and I felt […]

week three

I think this week I really challenged myself, and I have to say I’m proud of all the work that I’ve done. The writing assignments that I chose were ones I felt I was able to be super creative with, but I really learned a lot at the same time. For example, I learned a lot about what happened in the 80’s through my timeline, went back to the basic A, B, C’s and learned some new words, got to express myself by explaining what one of my favorite poems meant to me and tapped into my creative writing side (one that hadn’t been tapped into in a while). As for my daily creates, those were more chill this week compared to last. I think the most challenging one I did was creating a poem from the words that were first used the year I was born. I had some pretty random words, but managed to string together a poem that somewhat made sense.  I wanted to wait until the end to talk about the story analysis (or in my case, the film analysis) that I wrote on The Breakfast Club. I spent about three days in total on it — two days were me  just formulating ideas, and the last day (today) was me figuring out a way to tie all my thoughts […]