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Idea: “I am Legend” approach but 80’s style

Hey everyone, so one of my favorite post-pandemic/apocalyptic movies ever is “I Am Legend” with Will Smith. For my final project, I decided to take this movie and put a couple of twists on it. 

First, I’m going to try my best to include an 80’s decade theme to it. For example, in the writing and audio parts of the story I’ll try to include typical 80’s slang that is used, and also maybe talk about items that were typically used in this decade (such as a walkman) as well as make references to movies, icons, or political figures or events that someone from this decade would use. 

Spoiler alert! 

The story I’ll be following is my character (I haven’t chosen a name yet) will be the last survivor in the pandemic, and she is trying to discover a cure for the disease. Those who were affected by the virus are now zombies, but similar to the movie I Am Legend, they only appear at night/can’t be exposed to sunlight. The story will follow the character as she goes about her life and her struggle to find a cure (she’s a scientist), her hopes that other people may be out there, and reflections on her past life.

Elements I will be using (that I know of so far) & a general plan: 

One: Audio

-I plan to start the story off by creating an audio with different news clips talking about a virus, people panicking, ominous music, hospital staff, military personnel, crowded cities of people trying to leave, etc.

-The audio will most likely end with the sound of someone running away, their breathing very heavy, or static cutting out

Two: Writing 

-After the audio part, I will be writing journal entries from the character’s POV about what has happened since the virus broke out. There will most likely be a couple of years that have gone by, and it will reflect what the character has done since then, any progress in her cure, and where she is and has been at mentally and much more. 

Three: Photography/Video

-I haven’t decided if I want to include both pictures and videos for my third element or even both. -The idea I have for photography is taking photos and posting them to Instagram, either photos I take myself or other photos I find online that relate to the story in some way. 

-For example, I could use a picture of a science lab, or even a scene from I am Legend or just survival tools. 

-I also plan on editing these photos to give them a more vintage look, so that they look like they’ve been taken on a film camera

-For the video aspect, I thought about putting together a video about the character filming a couple of her days and experiments, in order to have a record of what happened during this pandemic. 

-This was seen in the I Am Legend movie, he records (both video and audio) each of his trials that he runs with his antiviral.

-I think this would be a good idea but my only worry about this is finding good footage for it. I am not sure if I have all the right tools (such as props/design elements) in order to create something like this on my own and I’m afraid the internet may have some items but they won’t look that good when put together. 

If you have any ideas on the video aspect of things let me know! 

Spoiler Alert Part. 2!

So at the end of the movie (I Am Legend), Will Smith discovers he is not alone, finds a cure, but sadly doesn’t make it to the end of the movie. 

I want to take a similar approach and I have the idea that my character will find a cure, but she doesn’t know it yet. I can see a vision in my head where my character is performing one of her last trials and that she gets interrupted as one of the infected creatures breaks in and attacks her and kills her. This would be portrayed using a writing element, in which suddenly the writing stops, and (I will be handwriting these journals and uploading pictures of them) and the piece of paper is stained with blood.

Then, I will most likely use an audio element again of a different character who is from the future and he’s discovered my character’s videos, writings, and experiments, and especially the cure!  

Let me know what you guys think 🙂 

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