pineapple on pizza?

4 Stars This is one of my favorite videos I’ve made in this class so far! It even tops last week’s “All About the 80s”. For this video, the assignment was to ask people their opinion on something. The first idea that popped into my head was: “pineapple on pizza!”.  It’s pretty cliche and basic, I’ve seen a lot of “arguments” about it on Twitter, and I thought it would be a fun and easy topic to do. What was not easy, was the editing process. It’s very different working with your own footage, compared to using someone else’s. I paid way more attention to the details this time, and since it was my own footage I was able to be more creative with it.  I tried out a new video editing software this week called Filmora. I like the Windows Movie editor but it’s extremely limited in what it can do. Filmora is incredibly user friendly, and I am super happy I chose this one. For someone who’s a beginner, I was able to quickly pick up the elements, yet it still has many advanced features that I still have yet to master! Here’s a screenshot of my editing screen (Filmora9): And here’s the video! (all credits are listed in the video description):

my dream life

The first video assignment I did this week was a trailer for my dream life. The assignment was rated as 2.5 stars, but personally I believe it’s worth 4 stars! I think the rating is lower because it’s only supposed to be a 30-second video, but mine ended up being a bit longer than that. I also had to download a bunch of apps on my phone in order to create the intro to this video. The intro to the video was a template that someone created for others to use, and I added the text through certain phone apps as well as other effects, such as the stars. This would’ve been a lot easier if the apps were available like this in my computer of I could see a tutorial on using apps for windows on how to do this, but since the apps were only on my phone I went with that. I’m currently working on another video for this week and I’m using a different video editor (Filmora) in which I didn’t have to use the iPhone apps in order to get the intro detailed to how I want!  I edited the main part of the video using a different app this time, called Animotica. I wanted to try something different than the generic Windows video editor because I believe I […]

week ten

In short — this week was a lot of work, but it felt the most rewarding to me and it has been my favorite week so far, and I’m actually really looking forward to this coming week. Let’s start off with sharing my daily creates: #tdc2994 #ds106 grabbed this picture from the website, and decided to use it in an advertisement poster! Did everything using Canva. let me know what you think! — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 24, 2020 #tdc2990 #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 20, 2020 The first one was my favorite! I thought it was a clever idea and I really like the colors that are used, I think they complement each other well. Now let’s talk about the assignments I created. I’m pretty proud of myself with every video I made, but by far my favorite was the video about the 80s. I feel I captured the essence of the decade well, and although there was much more I could’ve included, it’s already a bit lengthy at 3 minutes. Also when I came up with the idea for how I wanted to end the video I was so excited because I thought it was neat! My second favorite it the movie trailer for a book that I read called The Hunting Party. This was the video that gave […]

Karate Kid Video Essay

I have a much better appreciation and respect for those who decided to take on careers (or even just a hobby) in cinematography. I thought the Youtube videos that we were recommended to watch were full of amazing information. My favorite video was the one about the chairs. Who knew that something so simple could have such a huge effect? But I guess that really is the whole take-home message from this experience. There are so many details in the cutting, angles, movement, environment and much more that truly go into making films than I could’ve ever imagined before, and it’s not easy work! I also thought the video that showed the scene from the Avengers was interesting…it really is a bland scene!  I took notes from the sources provided and typed them up in my Google Docs and used those notes to apply them to this video. I tried to watch for every aspect of the things that I learned from the videos and readings. I narrated the things that stood out to me the most, what elements I thought were being used, and what grabbed my attention, but I still struggled a bit and feel like there was much more I could’ve said about this scene.  The whole process of making the video was similar to my others. I grabbed the scene […]


     View this post on Instagram          where i’m spending quarantine #ds106 A post shared by @ rachelds106 on Mar 27, 2020 at 4:38pm PDT My last two video assignments together gave me 9 stars, so I chose a super easy one to make it to ten! I took this boomerang of my room, where I’ve been spending the majority of my time recently. I thought about making my bed/just cleaning it up to make it look nicer, but I thought: “Might as well make it a realistic boomerang!” 

the hunting party The second video project I decided to do was to create a book trailer. It was much harder than anticipated for a few reasons…Unlike my first project, Youtube failed when it came to providing the types of clips I needed for this, so I resorted to Videvo and Pexels, and even finding clips from there was difficult. Secondly, I had to create my own background audio which took so much more time than I thought it would. I had to figure out the exact times when certain audios were to be played for certain clips, trim the audio I downloaded and tried to make it flow smoothly, which was the most frustrating part. To be honest, I am only about 85% happy with how it sounds, but since I’m in a time crunch and also have to juggle other online courses, I decided to stop fiddling with the audio and leave it where it’s at. Despite the struggles, I am still proud of my work. I wish the overall video was longer and I could’ve found clips that would’ve suited it better, but I believe I captured the novel well.  In the description for the assignment, it said not to give any spoilers away, and even though it looks in the video like I did, there is much more depth to the story […]

all about the 80’s

Hi! So I chose option 2 for this week (do 10 stars worth of video assignments) and I chose to create a mash-up trailer. At first this task seemed super daunting, and I admit it was a bit challenging at first because I’ve never done something like it before, BUT… ended up being my favorite thing I’ve ever created so far for this class. I decided to take my own twist on the project, and instead of a movie trailer, I created a short film/”trailer” all about the 80s.  Here’s a list from my notes about what I chose to include in the video: Historical events Popular movies Popular musicians Fashion Technology/arcades/games This project was super time consuming, especially trimming and splitting the videos to show the exact moments I wanted. I pulled the videos from Youtube, which also was time-consuming because I had to watch a lot of things, and pick/chose which videos I thought would fit best. To download the videos from Youtube, I used “4k downloader” and it did the job perfectly, great app. To put the clips together, I used the generic Windows Movie/Photo app on my laptop, which is super basic (perfect for beginners). I wish it had more features, such as more available background music or a way to transition the clips in cool ways, but overall I’m […]

week 9

This week was pretty relaxed, at least for this class. I’m still adjusting to the online courses, I’m sure everyone is. Despite the situation we’re dealing with, I’m hoping to adjust and get on a new schedule soon that suits me for the rest of the semester. I had the most fun this week with connecting the daily creates and creating a short story (I love writing so that was fun) and revisiting my previous work was fun as well. I liked being able to see what I wrote and created and coming back to them with new ideas and ways to go about things. I added to my Bucket List Inspo, and reworked my Dance Camp poster so it fits our 80’s theme!  The thing I struggled the most with was coming up with future project ideas…I’m not sure why but I couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted to create besides something that everyone’s already talking about so much (the virus). I feel like it’s just so ingrained in my thoughts so much that it was the only subject I could really focus on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find inspiration from other people’s posts and come up with new ideas when the time comes! Stay safe everyone!!

let’s revisit!

Hey everyone! The posts I’ve decided to revisit were the Bucket List inspiration and the Dance Camp poster. I thought it would be fun to revisit the first because I had added new ideas in my phone notes, and figured this would be perfect to add on to it. I also got to cross off “learn to skateboard” on my original list because being stuck at home gave me some time to go outside and learn, so that was a cool little thing and I felt a tiny bit of accomplishment. I also added more places I want to travel to the list, as well as a few more activities and things I want to learn.  For the dance camp poster, I had the idea to rework it and make it more of a poster that fits our class theme. I kept the original wording and everything, but redid my design and added more elements using Canva (because I like it better than the original app I had created the first poster with). I thought it would be cool to tie it to our theme and maybe create some poster about this like you would’ve seen in that decade! Let me know what you think! 

daily creates get connected

  one of the best songs ever, change my mind!!! (you won't). this song makes you feel like you can do anything, the lyrics are so creative, it's a catchy tune, and everyone can relate to it in some way#tdc2986 #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 17, 2020 #tdc2990 #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 20, 2020   an air hug is the new greeting, but 6ft apart!!! 😂#tdc2985 #ds106 — Rachel Tafoya (@rachelds106) March 15, 2020 I smiled as I turned up the volume on my favorite songs. The weather was finally starting to get warmer, and I could feel my mood elevating as I breathed in the fresh air that blew in from my car windows. I was excited about this semester, even though I knew it would be tough.  Suddenly, the music cut out. I frowned and fiddled around with the radio, still paying attention to the road ahead of me. A loud alarm blared through my speakers, and soon a monotone voice took over the radio: “This is not a test…The CDC has now announced its recommendation that every state goes into a federally mandated lockdown.” Pause. Repeat. Pause. Repeat. “Do not panic, this is not permanent. Please only make necessary trips outside of your home. More information is listed on the CDC’s website, as well as your […]