future project ideas

So it’s time to start thinking about our final projects, which is scary yet exciting to me because that means this semester is coming to a close! Here are a couple of general ideas I’ve come up with so far: 1.) Some sort of show (video/audio/podcast) that goes through the biggest plagues/epidemics/pandemics our world has seen. We could create some design elements about how to prevent the spread of disease, create commercials advertising medications and even audios or fake news videos about current “Breaking News” for each pandemic covered.  2.) 80’s Influencers – this was one of the other ideas I had for the radio show from week five I believe, and I still think it would be interesting to do this theme in which we talk about some of the biggest influencers, but then go into more detail about how they’ve influenced our current world in the 2020’s. We don’t even just have to include pop culture influencers, but scientists/researchers, inventors, architects, political leaders, doctors, activists, etc. There’s so much that could be done with this! Let me guys know what you think of these ideas or if you think of other ways to really hone them in to be more specific or even broaden them! I’m open to any suggestions 🙂 Stay safe and healthy!

What’s Their Damage?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re staying healthy and safe! I’m really excited about the radio show my group put together. After meeting in person the week before spring break, we came up with a plan about how we were going to tackle the show. Most of our work was done in Google Docs (such as gathering the information on the criminals we’d be covering, figuring out what type of commercials and design elements we’d make). We all made our own logos/stickers/posters in Canva (mine is shown above) and we created our own bumpers and commercials for the show as well. I created a bumper about self-defense classes since and advertised for self- defense against criminals like the ones we discuss! For all the audio I created, I used Audacity (which by this project I finally feel very comfortable with). Since we, unfortunately, got sent home, we weren’t able to meet in person and record the show together as we had originally planned. Instead, I recorded my main part of the project (the information about Jeffrey Dahmer) at home, using my sister’s high tech microphone (she likes to sing/record music so that’s why she has it). Here’s a picture of it if you’re curious to see what it looks like! It looks pretty simple, but it was very sensitive and picked up so much background […]

week seven

Happy Spring Break everyone! This week feels like the calm before the storm because I know when we get back from spring break everything is going to start picking up speed, not even just in this class but my other classes as well.  This week consisted of making progress with my radio show group, creating some audio clips for it and a poster as well. I had the most fun creating the poster because I love designing things. I think creating the audio assignments this week for the show will make the workload a lot less for when we come back and actually start recording (which I am a bit nervous about because I’ve never done something like this before) but I think it will be a great learning experience.  My favorite audio assignment I did was the radio commercial, which talked about signing up for self-defense classes. The only trouble I had this week with the audio assignments was finding free music that I think really fit the audio; that’s what I spent the most time on. I think the Spotify playlist will also come in handy when we want to add music to our show as well. My favorite daily create I did this week was the first one from Sunday:  this made me think of a quote from John Green's book […]

audio for our show!

  Hey everyone! So I chose to create a radio bumper, a commercial and a mixtape for this week’s audio assignments. Both the bumper and commercial were created through Audacity. I used music from Youtube’s Free Sound and I wrote the script for what I said in each audio on a Google Doc, practiced what I wanted to say a few times and then read off that script as I recorded (I’m still not happy with how my voice sounds in these but oh well, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with how my voice sounds on audio!). I decided to create a Spotify playlist because I love creating playlists and finding new music. The music I chose ranges from artists that are popular today such as Billie Eillish, to artists that were more popular a while back, such as Elvis, so it’s an hour-long playlist with a wide range of songs. Most of the songs talk about crime or are generally “darker” themed songs. I think my favorite ones on this playlist are: “Jailhouse Rock”, “Bellyache” and “I Fought the Law”. I hope you guys enjoy what I found! Here’s the link to the playlist if you want to check it out. Also, free feel to check out my personal playlists as well. I know that I’m always looking for new music […]

radio show poster

Here’s the poster I made for our radio show: “What’s Their Damage?”, where we’ll be talking about 80’s Crime! I originally was going to try and make a poster that had footprints on it, but I didn’t find a sticker I liked on Canva, so I decided to go with the caution tape scene instead. I found the blood splatter image on Google, but everything else was done through Canva. I chose the text named “Creeper” because it definitely fits the mood and theme of the whole show.

radio show progress

Hey everyone! So here’s a bit of progress update on my group’s radio show. We met in the HCC on Wednesday to discuss who would be doing what for the show. Everyone is making their own bumper, Connor is in charge of the commercials for the show and the rest of us (Yulemi, Karsen, Lauren and I) are going to be gathering research over spring break on the criminals and their cases that we’ll be discussing!  We’ll be covering: Jeffery Dahmer, Pablo Escobar, Henry Lee Lucas, and Richard Ramirez. I’m super excited about this show because it’s something that interests me and I get to learn from it as well! I’ve only heard of Dahmer and Escobar, but the latter two I know nothing about so I’m looking forward to learning about them and what they did.  I hope everyone has a great spring break!

week six

I swear the weeks just keep going by faster and faster! I had a lot of fun with this week. Canva was my best friend, and I had a lot of fun with the assignments. I was easily able to connect our 80’s theme to this week; I felt like I could’ve done it for each assignment I did. I started out with the minimalist movie poster that was suggested, and I feel like that was the majority of my theme for this week – minimalistic design. The three assignments I connected to the 80’s theme were the charity poster, one story four icons, and the minimalist movie poster. My favorite one out of these three was probably the minimalist movie poster, I love everything about the minimalistic style of design! My other two designs, the body image cover and the alternate book cover were also pretty simple. The body image cover was very personal to me, and I was proud of what I created, while the alternate book cover I created shortly after to kind of lighten the mood after creating something a bit more serious. My least favorite part of this week was the design blitz. I’m not sure why, it wasn’t super hard, but I think I  just prefer creating and designing my own things more than examining others, but I […]

design blitz

Color doesn’t always have to be bright, which is what I realized during this design blitz. These colors are neutral and dark, yet they still work together to create a beautiful map (I wish my iphone quality was better than it appears in all my photos).  I bought this candle today at TJMaxx, and I thought it was a perfect representation of typography. The designer used a font that really connects the scent and its name, and the color and theme of the candle. It’s a simple design for the candle, very minimalist, and captures even the wording used to describe the scent – faded suede, desert driftwood and misted musk.  This picture I found in my friends bathroom represents two things to me! First, is symbolism. There are so many different symbols and pictures that can create a theme, and of course these shells help represent the beach theme and design. I also think that it highlights a sense of proportion; all these shells are different sizes (just like they are at the beach) and they are designed in a unique way around the font.  I apologize for the poor camera quality again, but this image of a shower curtain represents rhythm. To me, this rhythm of the design creates a pattern that has a lot going on within it (within the white […]


“Body dysmorphic disorder is a mental health disorder in which you can’t stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in your appearance — a flaw that appears minor or can’t be seen by others. But you may feel so embarrassed, ashamed and anxious that you may avoid many social situations.” – Mayo Clinic When I saw this assignment, I immediately thought of body dysmorphia. I personally believe that everyone has felt an instance of body dysmorphia in some sort of way (I know I have, and struggling with self-image is a super hard thing to go through). Maybe  not everyone has experienced it to the point of where it is causing significant distress and impairment in our life, but I know as humans we’ve all thought about our flaws and we see ourselves in a completely different way than others, which can be very frustrating. Since I could personally relate to this struggle, I decided to create a design for a potential book cover on this topic. I specifically chose the text, because it looked kind of dysmorphed itself, especially with the spacing in the word “dysmorphia”. I chose the red background from the text to connect with the red outlining of the picture, which I thought was simple but very accurate and eye catching. P.S. – If you are struggling […]

Grapes of Wrath

I’ve honestly never read the Grapes of Wrath, but I have read “The Road” by McCarthy, (didn’t like it at all), and that’s what drew me to check out this assignment. I took the title of this book and decided to design it literally after looking up some of the actual covers of the book.  It took me a while to find a picture of angry grapes I liked (and I felt silly looking it up on Canva), but I’m pretty happy with how the design of the cover turned out. It gets the message across like I really want, and in my opinion it’s a bit funny, and I’m pretty sure that The Grapes of Wrath is a very serious novel, so I wanted to take this twist on it!