week five

Even though this week’s focus was photography, I felt like I did way more writing than last week, in which we focused on the writing aspects of digital story telling and had assignments from the writing bank.  I don’t mind writing, at all, but I guess it was something I didn’t expect as much of for this week! My favorite part of the week was the Photoblitz and the Daily Creates (one, two, three). With the Photoblitz, I was really able to be challenged and connect it with a lot of meaningful aspects in my life (such as the butterfly and the pointe shoes), and I feel like I was able to make it into something really personal to share instead of just a “busy-work” assignment. The visual assignments were pretty fun as well, my two favorites from this week were the Four Lines, Five Dots, One Curve, and the GIPHY movie of the Karate Kid. I’m not sure why but I struggled to get my Word Cloud the way I wanted it to look, and it took me way longer than expected, but it was also fun to learn a bunch of 80’s slang with this assignment. The Dance Camp poster was also fairly easy but PicsArt has a ton of options on how to edit photos/add things to it, and I felt […]

80’s Pop Culture Photography

First off, I just want to say that Whoopi Goldberg is a super dope name. I had to do some research on her –I knew she was an actress, but I didn’t know when her breakthrough came. I found out that her role as Celie in The Color Purple (1985) directed by Spielberg was when her career really took off. The first things I noticed about this portrait was the lighting, the contrast and the selection. In the right-hand corner, there’s a “heavenly” lighting shining down on Whoopi, it really creates a stunning and powerful image. The contrast I also noticed; it varies from the left side of the image (darker) to the right (lighter) and creates natural shadows on her body. I also really noticed the contrast when I saw her body nearly disappearing into the bottom of the photo, I think the black shirt was a smart choice.  Everything about the selection of the photo is simple; from the cigarette (which the smoke just looks perfect in my opinion) to the jewelry and shirt she’s wearing, to the emotion on her face. I feel like the selection almost juxtaposes the lighting; everything she is doing is so simple, yet the lighting is so powerful. To me, this picture basically screams: “I’m a badass”. There isn’t much depth to the photo in my […]

photography reflection

I started getting into photography when I was in high school, around the same time I started using social media. I was inspired a lot by famous people’s aesthetically pleasing Instagrams or their blog posts; I really wanted that for myself. I asked for a camera one Christmas and ended up getting the T5 Cannon Rebel, which I still use to this day. I decided not to bring it to school, just because I had fears about it get stolen or not having enough time to use it, but when I’m at home I usually use it to take photos, especially photos and videos of my family members for memories. I also recently just got my dad’s old film camera that I have yet to learn how to use, and a Polaroid camera that I love (the little pictures are just so fun and look great anywhere). Mostly I use my iPhone to take photos (because it’s always on me and convenient) and I think a lot of people underestimate iPhone photography. I usually try to take bright, vibrant photos and stray away from black and white or photos shot in the dark. I think I could learn to implement some different ways to take photos, and now I’m inspired to do more research about photography because I’m mainly self-taught. Being self-taught isn’t necessarily […]

dance camp

Camp Poster Assignment: 3.5 stars  When I saw this assignment in the bank, I immediately thought of dance camp. I grew up dancing (you probably know by now if you’ve read my photoblitz post), so I thought this would be the perfect poster to make for this assignment. The name of the dance studio I included (Footnotes) is actually the name of my dance studio at home (the number is not real of course), but I thought this was a fairly easy thing to make and once again, PicsArt was my friend today. Have you had any experience with dancing or any type of sport related to it? Let me know! 

four lines, five dots, one curve

Visual Assignment One: 3.5 Stars  The task for this visual assignment was to draw a picture using four lines, five dots and one curve. I used the 3D paint app on my computer (I attempted at first to use some of it’s features to make a cool 3D image, but it just wasn’t turning out like I wanted it), so I just kept it 2D. At first I wanted to use the dots to create the title – 80’s, in order to connect it to the theme, but afterwards I sat and stared at my computer and realized that despite connecting it to the theme…it was boring, so I created a field of flowers instead (not much more creative but better than my previous idea I think). I was frustrated a bit because I only was able to use four lines, and my sun looks a little wonky (my little 7 year old sister who was watching me paint this, told me it looked like a bug), but then I just decided that this visual assignment is just going to be abstract with a bit of a child’s perspective on it, and that’s okay.

20 minute capture

Black and white photographs are a classic look. Take a picture that reminds you of your childhood Take a picture that represents wildness. Make a picture of death (but don’t kill anything in doing so). llustrate attraction in a photograph today. Make a photo of something you wear coat, gloves, scarf, hat, you name it! Forced perspective – make something small look big, or big look small. My room turned out to be the perfect place for this activity. I was a bit nervous about this assignment at first, because I’m pretty picky and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to taking photos, but I ended up really loving this assignment specifically because it made me think quickly and challenged me with something I love to do (photography). I also love editing photos; I used VSCO, which is an app I also use for my own personal photos for things such as social media posts. I’ve been using it since middle school and it has never failed me. For nearly all the photos, I edited the contrast, exposure, saturation, highlight, tint, added filters, and I also added grain to the black and white one. I hope you enjoy my photos! (time: 12:51 – 1:07 pm) P.S. – I rearranged them from the original list and started with my most favorite photo to […]


GIPHY Movie (4 stars) I enjoyed this assignment, even though at first I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit the whole movie in ten GIFs or not have enough! After watching the Karate Kid for the first time in middle school, I tried teaching myself (and my sister) at home for about a month! Looking back on it now I laugh that I actually tried to teach myself karate in my living room.  Also I had a huge crush on Ralph Macchio, so that’s another reason I chose this movie. I made sure to include one of my favorite scenes (when Mr. Miyagi catches the fly with chopsticks). Sorry Jaden Smith (the star of the most recent Karate Kid movie), the 80’s Karate Kid is unbeatable!