radio show progress

Hey everyone! So here’s a bit of progress update on my group’s radio show. We met in the HCC on Wednesday to discuss who would be doing what for the show. Everyone is making their own bumper, Connor is in charge of the commercials for the show and the rest of us (Yulemi, Karsen, Lauren and I) are going to be gathering research over spring break on the criminals and their cases that we’ll be discussing! 

We’ll be covering: Jeffery Dahmer, Pablo Escobar, Henry Lee Lucas, and Richard Ramirez. I’m super excited about this show because it’s something that interests me and I get to learn from it as well! I’ve only heard of Dahmer and Escobar, but the latter two I know nothing about so I’m looking forward to learning about them and what they did. 

I hope everyone has a great spring break!

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