audio for our show!

  Hey everyone! So I chose to create a radio bumper, a commercial and a mixtape for this week’s audio assignments. Both the bumper and commercial were created through Audacity. I used music from Youtube’s Free Sound and I wrote the script for what I said in each audio on a Google Doc, practiced what I wanted to say a few times and then read off that script as I recorded (I’m still not happy with how my voice sounds in these but oh well, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with how my voice sounds on audio!). I decided to create a Spotify playlist because I love creating playlists and finding new music. The music I chose ranges from artists that are popular today such as Billie Eillish, to artists that were more popular a while back, such as Elvis, so it’s an hour-long playlist with a wide range of songs. Most of the songs talk about crime or are generally “darker” themed songs. I think my favorite ones on this playlist are: “Jailhouse Rock”, “Bellyache” and “I Fought the Law”. I hope you guys enjoy what I found! Here’s the link to the playlist if you want to check it out. Also, free feel to check out my personal playlists as well. I know that I’m always looking for new music […]


Two of my favorite things to relax to are the sound of the piano, and the sound of rain. If I’m stressed out before bed, I usually put on some rain sounds or piano sounds, so for this assignment I decided to combine the two and created a little track that would soothe me (I’m actually listening to it as I type up this post!). The piano is so beautiful, whoever wrote it, I wish I could just thank them. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 

in honor of valentine’s day…

For this assignment, I took a little twist on it. I decided to honor the theme of Valentine’s Day as well as out 80’s class theme, and pull a monologue from one of my favorite movies!  I added some background music from Youtube Free Music that I think fit the script. Also, I apologize for my sickly voice. I tried so hard to get through reading this without coughing my lungs out 🙁  P.S. – if you’ve watched Grey’s Anatomy and are in love with McDreamy like I am but haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to watch it! Patrick Dempsey has been amazing since his teen years.