you’re a mean one!

For this remix assignment, I decided to remix one of my old poster designs and add a Dr. Suess character to it. The original assignment I created was a Body Dysmorphia poster. I spent some time looking up Dr. Suess characters, trying to figure out which one would fit the best. My first choice was Horton (the elephant), but then I thought about the Grinch. The idea I had for him came together gradually. I thought about doing a body dysmorphia poster but then it kind of turned into a personality disorder poster (part of the remix on my end I guess). What I wanted to get across in this image I created is how The Grinch is battling with himself. In the mirror, he sees an angry image, who’s supposed to not care about anyone or anything and wreak havoc. But inside he knows he’s good! Or at least, he knows he’s able to become good!