design blitz

Color doesn’t always have to be bright, which is what I realized during this design blitz. These colors are neutral and dark, yet they still work together to create a beautiful map (I wish my iphone quality was better than it appears in all my photos).  I bought this candle today at TJMaxx, and I thought it was a perfect representation of typography. The designer used a font that really connects the scent and its name, and the color and theme of the candle. It’s a simple design for the candle, very minimalist, and captures even the wording used to describe the scent – faded suede, desert driftwood and misted musk.  This picture I found in my friends bathroom represents two things to me! First, is symbolism. There are so many different symbols and pictures that can create a theme, and of course these shells help represent the beach theme and design. I also think that it highlights a sense of proportion; all these shells are different sizes (just like they are at the beach) and they are designed in a unique way around the font.  I apologize for the poor camera quality again, but this image of a shower curtain represents rhythm. To me, this rhythm of the design creates a pattern that has a lot going on within it (within the white […]