what the 80’s mean to me

When I think of the 80s, I think of a setting/environment in which some of my favorite shows take place. (Stranger Things and Carrie Diaries [which deserves way more seasons that it got, by the way]). I love everything about the 80s, from the music, to the aesthetic of the clothing and the crazy neon colors; I would absolutely love to take a time machine back to the 80s.  Some of the most iconic and well-known movies were born in the 80s as well, for example, “The Karate Kid”, “E.T.”, ”Ghostbusters”, “’Back to the Future” and “The Breakfast Club”. I think we could really use these popular movies to explore the theme even more, and maybe even draw connections between them. I also think we could also look at the 80’s not just from a pop culture point of view, but take into account the political/social environment of the 80’s and how this influenced the pop culture. #ds106thingsthoughts