photography reflection

I started getting into photography when I was in high school, around the same time I started using social media. I was inspired a lot by famous people’s aesthetically pleasing Instagrams or their blog posts; I really wanted that for myself. I asked for a camera one Christmas and ended up getting the T5 Cannon Rebel, which I still use to this day. I decided not to bring it to school, just because I had fears about it get stolen or not having enough time to use it, but when I’m at home I usually use it to take photos, especially photos and videos of my family members for memories. I also recently just got my dad’s old film camera that I have yet to learn how to use, and a Polaroid camera that I love (the little pictures are just so fun and look great anywhere). Mostly I use my iPhone to take photos (because it’s always on me and convenient) and I think a lot of people underestimate iPhone photography. I usually try to take bright, vibrant photos and stray away from black and white or photos shot in the dark. I think I could learn to implement some different ways to take photos, and now I’m inspired to do more research about photography because I’m mainly self-taught. Being self-taught isn’t necessarily […]