dance camp

Camp Poster Assignment: 3.5 stars  When I saw this assignment in the bank, I immediately thought of dance camp. I grew up dancing (you probably know by now if you’ve read my photoblitz post), so I thought this would be the perfect poster to make for this assignment. The name of the dance studio I included (Footnotes) is actually the name of my dance studio at home (the number is not real of course), but I thought this was a fairly easy thing to make and once again, PicsArt was my friend today. Have you had any experience with dancing or any type of sport related to it? Let me know! 

four lines, five dots, one curve

Visual Assignment One: 3.5 Stars  The task for this visual assignment was to draw a picture using four lines, five dots and one curve. I used the 3D paint app on my computer (I attempted at first to use some of it’s features to make a cool 3D image, but it just wasn’t turning out like I wanted it), so I just kept it 2D. At first I wanted to use the dots to create the title – 80’s, in order to connect it to the theme, but afterwards I sat and stared at my computer and realized that despite connecting it to the theme…it was boring, so I created a field of flowers instead (not much more creative but better than my previous idea I think). I was frustrated a bit because I only was able to use four lines, and my sun looks a little wonky (my little 7 year old sister who was watching me paint this, told me it looked like a bug), but then I just decided that this visual assignment is just going to be abstract with a bit of a child’s perspective on it, and that’s okay.


GIPHY Movie (4 stars) I enjoyed this assignment, even though at first I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit the whole movie in ten GIFs or not have enough! After watching the Karate Kid for the first time in middle school, I tried teaching myself (and my sister) at home for about a month! Looking back on it now I laugh that I actually tried to teach myself karate in my living room.  Also I had a huge crush on Ralph Macchio, so that’s another reason I chose this movie. I made sure to include one of my favorite scenes (when Mr. Miyagi catches the fly with chopsticks). Sorry Jaden Smith (the star of the most recent Karate Kid movie), the 80’s Karate Kid is unbeatable! 

word cloud

Word Cloud: 2.5 Stars For this assignment I decided to create a word cloud and used words that related to our 80’s theme. I had to do some research on some slang/catchphrases that were popular in the 80’s (ex. wicked), as well as other popular items such as the Walkman. I used this color scheme for the words because it was the closes I could get to bright, neon colors, something the 80’s is known for.  Site used:

i was born in the wrong generation

“I was born in the wrong generation” is such a cliche thing to say, but sometimes it’s truly how I feel. I don’t remember when my love for Queen began, but I know they’ve always had a special place in my heart (and the hearts of many I know). I’ve watched the movie (Bohemian Rhapsody, 2018) at least four times; it’s one of the movies I believe I could never get tired of and highly recommend it! The actor who played Freddy Mercury (Rami Malek) even won an Oscar, and it was so well deserved.  Did you spot me in this picture though? I think it would have been a lot better if I had Photo Shop, but I used an app on my phone called “PicsArt”, and it did well for an iPhone app in my opinion. Here I imagine myself  watching Queen perform “Don’t Stop Me Now”, my favorite song by them. I’m truly envious of anyone who got to experience Queen in concert!

bucket list inspo

I’ve been working on my bucket list for about a year now, and even though there’s a decent (and typical) amount of things on it, I figure this will never be an exhaust of list because I’m always coming up with things that I want to do, and even sometimes I fail to write things down. I wonder how many times I’ve mentally told myself I really want to do or experience something, and then forget to take note of it…tragic! I keep the list in the note app on my phone, because what’s a better way to store snippets of my ideas than with something that I always have glued to my side. I think if I lost my phone, I’d mostly be disappointed mainly because of everything I keep in my notes and then the photos. Perhaps for most people it would be the latter, but my notes consist of my thoughts, ideas, dreams (both actual dreams I’ve had while sleeping and those I want in life), things I want to buy or need in the future and so much more…it would be like losing a limb. Regardless of this, I’m letting you take a peek at my bucket list because I’m proud of it, I’ve included the items I’ve already done, and I’m hoping it can inspire you too. P.S. – […]