four lines, five dots, one curve

Visual Assignment One: 3.5 Stars  The task for this visual assignment was to draw a picture using four lines, five dots and one curve. I used the 3D paint app on my computer (I attempted at first to use some of it’s features to make a cool 3D image, but it just wasn’t turning out like I wanted it), so I just kept it 2D. At first I wanted to use the dots to create the title – 80’s, in order to connect it to the theme, but afterwards I sat and stared at my computer and realized that despite connecting it to the theme…it was boring, so I created a field of flowers instead (not much more creative but better than my previous idea I think). I was frustrated a bit because I only was able to use four lines, and my sun looks a little wonky (my little 7 year old sister who was watching me paint this, told me it looked like a bug), but then I just decided that this visual assignment is just going to be abstract with a bit of a child’s perspective on it, and that’s okay.