“sweet dreams” in my 80’s themed room

          I chose this Weekly Assignment because I adore Pinterest. I get so many of my ideas from there and have so many boards and I’m constantly creating more. I also love to decorate any sort of living space and make it as homey and cute as possible, but for this assignment I decided to go with our 80’s theme and choose a couple photos that represent the things I know I’d have in my room if I were to travel back in time. Some things I picked for pure entertainment in my dream room were the cassette, the record player, the ski ball machine (one of my favorite games ever), and the arcade machine; my dream room is big, I guess! As for decoration, I picked a couple posters that represent 80’s themed things I love, such as the movie “Pretty in Pink” and “The Breakfast Club”. Finally, I chose a couple pictures that showed off my own style and the things in my room I’d get ready with, such as articles of clothes, some hair barrettes and leg warmers.  P.S. – I linked my Pinterest in the Menu up above,  check it out and let me know what you think!