“The time is right to make new friends”

A short story from a fortune cookie:                 I fiddled with the laces of my black converse as I sat in the passenger’s seat of my mom’s Volkswagen. I tried to tune into the sounds around me – the car doors slamming as kids got out of cars (something I had yet to do), the laughter as people met up with their friends (something I did not have). “I know you’re nervous, but it’s just a matter of putting yourself out there!” She said, her voice straining to sound enthusiastic. I looked up from my shoe-fiddling; the fancy new rock seemed too big for her left finger; the rock that made us move half way across the country. My palms began to sweat as I thought about getting out of the car. “Senior year though, really?” I asked with a sigh. My mom smiled half-heartedly, a sign that she had nothing left to say to me, after all we’d had this conversation many times and I’m not sure why I even bothered bringing it up anymore. “3 o’clock.” I reminded her as I stepped out of the car. I hadn’t even made it half-way up the stairs of my foreign looking school as I tripped over the shoelaces I’d been fiddling with earlier. My Walkman skidded across the cement towards an array of feet, […]

80’s timeline

I created this timeline in perspective of myself and my own interests. I thought, if I were living in the 80’s, what events would strike my attention each year? I also made sure to include the events that still have some impact on my life today, for example, the global launching of the internet! I wouldn’t be able to have this class without that event!, so I thought that was pretty important to include. I hope you enjoy and learn a little bit about this decade, because I definitely did! 3 stars

a, b, c’s

A story in alphabet (2 stars): And Beth Calmly Danced Efficaciously, Forgot Ghoulish Heartaches, Incorporated Joy, Kept Life Meaningful, Never Omitted Possibilities, Quickly Realized Some Troubles Unite Voices With Xenial Youthful Zeal Using each letter of the alphabet is harder than it looks (I definitely underestimated this task), but I’m pretty content with how my story turned out. I also noticed that I accidentally added some alliteration there at the very end, which I think gives it a nice touch. For this story, I picture Beth dancing in a field of flowers, finally at peace with whatever is troubling her; I aspire to be her.   

bucket list inspo

I’ve been working on my bucket list for about a year now, and even though there’s a decent (and typical) amount of things on it, I figure this will never be an exhaust of list because I’m always coming up with things that I want to do, and even sometimes I fail to write things down. I wonder how many times I’ve mentally told myself I really want to do or experience something, and then forget to take note of it…tragic! I keep the list in the note app on my phone, because what’s a better way to store snippets of my ideas than with something that I always have glued to my side. I think if I lost my phone, I’d mostly be disappointed mainly because of everything I keep in my notes and then the photos. Perhaps for most people it would be the latter, but my notes consist of my thoughts, ideas, dreams (both actual dreams I’ve had while sleeping and those I want in life), things I want to buy or need in the future and so much more…it would be like losing a limb. Regardless of this, I’m letting you take a peek at my bucket list because I’m proud of it, I’ve included the items I’ve already done, and I’m hoping it can inspire you too. P.S. – […]