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The first video assignment I did this week was a trailer for my dream life. The assignment was rated as 2.5 stars, but personally I believe it’s worth 4 stars! I think the rating is lower because it’s only supposed to be a 30-second video, but mine ended up being a bit longer than that. I also had to download a bunch of apps on my phone in order to create the intro to this video. The intro to the video was a template that someone created for others to use, and I added the text through certain phone apps as well as other effects, such as the stars. This would’ve been a lot easier if the apps were available like this in my computer of I could see a tutorial on using apps for windows on how to do this, but since the apps were only on my phone I went with that. I’m currently working on another video for this week and I’m using a different video editor (Filmora) in which I didn’t have to use the iPhone apps in order to get the intro detailed to how I want! 

I edited the main part of the video using a different app this time, called Animotica. I wanted to try something different than the generic Windows video editor because I believe I needed more features than what that one offered. Within this app, I was able to add more motion effects to the video. I also had a lot more color effects. Most of the clips I ended up downloading had an old-timey look, with brassy tones. I wanted the rest of the video to have that vibes and match so it looked like they were all taken by the same person. I feel doing this made the video flow better and less choppy. The only video I didn’t edit with the Sepia filter was the clip of someone writing. I left this brightly colored in its original filter because I wanted to “highlight” my dream job and what this video is all about!

Here’s a picture of what the editor screen looks like: 

I had a few problems with this app. I didn’t like the Watermark logo that was left on the clip, and although this application had more features than the Window app I was previously using, it is still not as advanced like I would like it to be (yet Filmora is another story but you’ll hear me talk about that in my future posts!)

I hope you like the video! (all credits are listed in the youtube description)

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