a, b, c’s

A story in alphabet (2 stars):

And Beth Calmly Danced Efficaciously, Forgot Ghoulish Heartaches, Incorporated Joy, Kept Life Meaningful, Never Omitted Possibilities, Quickly Realized Some Troubles Unite Voices With Xenial Youthful Zeal

Using each letter of the alphabet is harder than it looks (I definitely underestimated this task), but I’m pretty content with how my story turned out. I also noticed that I accidentally added some alliteration there at the very end, which I think gives it a nice touch.

For this story, I picture Beth dancing in a field of flowers, finally at peace with whatever is troubling her; I aspire to be her. 


One thought on “a, b, c’s

  1. I also did this assignment and totally agree, it was a little harder than it looks. I cheated a little and had to look up word towards the end of the alphabet.
    I think yours turned out great!
    -Maeve R.

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