aesthetic audio/video mashup

Hey everyone! So I created my own mashup assignment (maybe I didn’t but when I was looking I didn’t find one like this) but I’m sure there’s something similar to it out there. Basically I just combined my audio from this assignment a couple of weeks back, and some video clips I found on Pexels. 

I tried to match the clips to the aesthetic of the sound I had created. For example, you’ll see in the video that the first clip is of rain (of course) and then followed by a clip of someone playing the piano as those keys chime in from the audio. Surprisingly, if you look closely enough, some of the keys that are being played in the audio seem to match up with the person playing in the video. It’s not perfect, but there’s a bit of synchrony there and that was a stroke of luck for me because I didn’t try for that!

I also color edited a few of the clips, such as the kids playing in the rain, the picture of the plants blowing in the wind. For each clip, I increased the temperature and saturation a bit and brought down the brightness a little. I wanted to create a fall, rainy day vibe. 

As the audio got quicker I made the clips shorter to match and flow as the little higher pitched piano notes kicked in (I’m not sure how to describe this because I have no knowledge about music). 

I faded the music both in and out and reused two of the clips because (the rain and the piano playing) because I felt it was a proper intro and outro. 

I’m super happy with this project and I think the clips I found were beautiful and really match the whole aesthetic I was going for. 

Let me know what you think! 

P.S. – everything was edited in Filmora and I gave credits to those who videoed in the Youtube description 

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