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I’ve been working on my bucket list for about a year now, and even though there’s a decent (and typical) amount of things on it, I figure this will never be an exhaust of list because I’m always coming up with things that I want to do, and even sometimes I fail to write things down. I wonder how many times I’ve mentally told myself I really want to do or experience something, and then forget to take note of it…tragic!

I keep the list in the note app on my phone, because what’s a better way to store snippets of my ideas than with something that I always have glued to my side. I think if I lost my phone, I’d mostly be disappointed mainly because of everything I keep in my notes and then the photos. Perhaps for most people it would be the latter, but my notes consist of my thoughts, ideas, dreams (both actual dreams I’ve had while sleeping and those I want in life), things I want to buy or need in the future and so much more…it would be like losing a limb. Regardless of this, I’m letting you take a peek at my bucket list because I’m proud of it, I’ve included the items I’ve already done, and I’m hoping it can inspire you too.

P.S. – there isn’t any particular order/ranking

1.) Sky diving (how typical)

2.) Color Factory – New York, USA

3.) Artech House D.C. – (This should be an easy one, and I need to take advantage of the fact that I go to school so close to our capitol!)

4.) Learn to play piano

5.) Learn to skateboard  

6.) Ride a motorcycle

7.) Shoot a gun

8.) Go to a protest/march

9.) see the northern lights

10.) Travel – England, Germany, Thailand, Japan, Italy, Greece, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Iceland, Hawaii, Washington, Tokyo, Alaska, Canada, 

11.) Cliff diving

12.) Make a yearly video of all the memories from that year

13.) Volunteer at a homeless shelter

14.) Go to the World Cup

15.) Learn to surf

16.)  solve a Rubix cube

17.)  get a tattoo

18.) ride in a hot air balloon

19.) learn to surf

20.) go to a music festival 

5 thoughts on “bucket list inspo

  1. Hi Rachel! I can definitely relate to “I wonder how many times I’ve mentally told myself I really want to do or experience something, and then forget to take note of it…tragic!”
    Your bucket list has a lot of cool items on it. You are much braver than I am (I don’t think I have the guts to sky dive or go cliff diving). The Artech House and Color Factory look really cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey! I love that this was an assignment we could pick for this week, I wish I had saw this earlier so I could have shared mine. All of your things are amazing, the color factory in New York is amazing and definitely worth going to. I also would LOVE to go to Iceland sometime soon, top of my bucket list. There’s tons of homeless shelters around us that you could help out at- try looking into The Thurman Brisman center! I know a lot of people who have done some really great work there. Let me know if you ever have any questions about it or would like to get connected with someone.

    1. Hey Kayla! I’ll definitely have to check our the Brisman Center! Thank you so much for the suggestions I appreciate it so much 🙂

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