Karate Kid Video Essay

I have a much better appreciation and respect for those who decided to take on careers (or even just a hobby) in cinematography. I thought the Youtube videos that we were recommended to watch were full of amazing information. My favorite video was the one about the chairs. Who knew that something so simple could have such a huge effect? But I guess that really is the whole take-home message from this experience. There are so many details in the cutting, angles, movement, environment and much more that truly go into making films than I could’ve ever imagined before, and it’s not easy work! I also thought the video that showed the scene from the Avengers was interesting…it really is a bland scene! 

I took notes from the sources provided and typed them up in my Google Docs and used those notes to apply them to this video. I tried to watch for every aspect of the things that I learned from the videos and readings. I narrated the things that stood out to me the most, what elements I thought were being used, and what grabbed my attention, but I still struggled a bit and feel like there was much more I could’ve said about this scene. 

The whole process of making the video was similar to my others. I grabbed the scene from Youtube, used 4k downloader, trimmed it accordingly in the Windows video app, and recorded the essay that I wrote in Audacity. Overall, the process of making the video wasn’t difficult, and I had fun with it. 

This has changed my perspective not only on what goes into making movies, but also I feel it will change how I view them as well. I feel like from here on out I will be able to notice more things when watching any type of cinematography, and be able to have a better understanding of them. 

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