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My love for poetry began in middle school, and I’m not even sure exactly how or why it started then, but I found myself always reading poems, buying poetry books, and even writing poetry of my own. I love the way words can make me feel things, especially with poems that have such few sentences but a heavy meaning. The poems that can strike a feeling in me with only a handful of sentences, such as this one, truly amaze and inspire me. I stumbled upon this recent favorite poem of mine on Pinterest just a few days ago. I really love this poem because I can relate to the idea of a chaotic life (I think everyone can). My life may not be super chaotic all the time, but there are moments in it where everything always seems to be going haywire, but just as this poem is describing (in my opinion), it’s all about embracing it and using it to fuel a purposeful life, instead of letting that chaos take control.

Although the image behind the words isn’t mine (I also found that on Pinterest) I knew it would be a perfect fit for these words. Pinterest and PicsArt (which is what I used to edit this) might become some of my best friends for this class.

3 thoughts on “poetry art

  1. For starters, I love the layout of your blog/domain! I am trying to be more creative with my blog but it isn’t going too well. I think that the poem fits perfectly with that picture. Good job!

    1. thank you so much (for the blog and poem compliment). It took me a little while to get my blog set up the way I wanted it, but I’m pretty happy with the layout. Let me know if you need any help tho with personalizing your blog, I’m not an expert by any means but I may be able to give some tips.

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