remixed poetry art

I sort of kept to the 80’s theme by including a poet who was around in the 80’s! Charles Bukowski is a German-American writer. I’ve seen a lot of his poems and short quotes on Pinterest and I love his writing. It’s very raw and straight forward, and he talks a lot about serious topics, such as alcoholism, poverty, and relationship issues. 

The remix I chose was to do an assignment that you wouldn’t want your parents to see (parental advisory card). I had already created poetry art a few weeks ago and it was one of my favorite things I did, so I chose to go with that similar assignment. I tried to keep to the similar minimalistic theme as my previous poetry art assignment.

I kept the pinks and greens of the paintbrush strokes and wanted to keep the elements of the bottle and hands similar to the lines I created around the person in that picture. 

I found the quote and pictures on Pinterest and edited it using Canva, instead of through PicsArt like I did originally. I edited the images in Canva using an effect called “distorted”. I think using this effect provides a visualization of how someone’s reality is distorted when they drink or take drugs, and especially when they do both at the same time. The background I chose (the pink section) was supposed to look like the words were written on some sort of paper. I wish I could’ve removed the background from both the images so it was just the outline of them but in order to do that I needed Canva Pro, which I’m not going to pay for, so instead, I just added a filter to both of the pictures to remove the original white background and make the images look better together. 

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