week seven

Happy Spring Break everyone! This week feels like the calm before the storm because I know when we get back from spring break everything is going to start picking up speed, not even just in this class but my other classes as well. 

This week consisted of making progress with my radio show group, creating some audio clips for it and a poster as well. I had the most fun creating the poster because I love designing things. I think creating the audio assignments this week for the show will make the workload a lot less for when we come back and actually start recording (which I am a bit nervous about because I’ve never done something like this before) but I think it will be a great learning experience. 

My favorite audio assignment I did was the radio commercial, which talked about signing up for self-defense classes. The only trouble I had this week with the audio assignments was finding free music that I think really fit the audio; that’s what I spent the most time on. I think the Spotify playlist will also come in handy when we want to add music to our show as well.

My favorite daily create I did this week was the first one from Sunday: 

It brought back nostalgic memories of when I used to read crazily in middle school. I think over spring break I may dive back into some of John Green’s books. The second daily create I wrote my  own poem; it feels like I wrote it days ago since I’ve been anticipating spring break: 

And once again, I used Pinterest to show off what my dream house would look like. I’d love to live right on the beach in a place where it’s always warm and sunny. Summer can’t come soon enough!

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