week 9

This week was pretty relaxed, at least for this class. I’m still adjusting to the online courses, I’m sure everyone is. Despite the situation we’re dealing with, I’m hoping to adjust and get on a new schedule soon that suits me for the rest of the semester.

I had the most fun this week with connecting the daily creates and creating a short story (I love writing so that was fun) and revisiting my previous work was fun as well. I liked being able to see what I wrote and created and coming back to them with new ideas and ways to go about things. I added to my Bucket List Inspo, and reworked my Dance Camp poster so it fits our 80’s theme! 

The thing I struggled the most with was coming up with future project ideas…I’m not sure why but I couldn’t think of anything that I really wanted to create besides something that everyone’s already talking about so much (the virus). I feel like it’s just so ingrained in my thoughts so much that it was the only subject I could really focus on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find inspiration from other people’s posts and come up with new ideas when the time comes!

Stay safe everyone!!

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