week five

I dreaded this week because it’s not my forte at all, and frankly just not my cup of tea. I also hate hearing any audio of my voice, it always makes me cringe, and I’m sick with a flu this week (if you can hear my nasally voice in any assignments, I apologize).

The daily creates were pretty fun this week. I like that the last one  was Valentine’s Day themed, but I think I had the most fun with the flow field art. I was sitting in front of my computer for a while just on that website! 

I think I would’ve done better on the general assignments if I hadn’t been sick, but I’m still pretty proud of myself because this was the first time I’ve ever edited audio like this before. Doing these assignments makes the idea of creating my own radio show with my group (and I really like the two ideas I came up with) a little less intimidating, now that I have a general sense of how to work Audacity. This week, Youtube tutorials were my best friend!

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