week five

Even though this week’s focus was photography, I felt like I did way more writing than last week, in which we focused on the writing aspects of digital story telling and had assignments from the writing bank.  I don’t mind writing, at all, but I guess it was something I didn’t expect as much of for this week!

My favorite part of the week was the Photoblitz and the Daily Creates (one, two, three). With the Photoblitz, I was really able to be challenged and connect it with a lot of meaningful aspects in my life (such as the butterfly and the pointe shoes), and I feel like I was able to make it into something really personal to share instead of just a “busy-work” assignment. The visual assignments were pretty fun as well, my two favorites from this week were the Four Lines, Five Dots, One Curve, and the GIPHY movie of the Karate Kid. I’m not sure why but I struggled to get my Word Cloud the way I wanted it to look, and it took me way longer than expected, but it was also fun to learn a bunch of 80’s slang with this assignment. The Dance Camp poster was also fairly easy but PicsArt has a ton of options on how to edit photos/add things to it, and I felt a bit overwhelmed and it also took me longer than I thought.

I felt my photo reflection (one on my own personal life) and the one on Whoopi Goldberg were pretty strong. I was a bit nervous about giving my opinion on Bonnie Schiffman’s photograph of Goldberg because from she’s such a prestigious photographer who’s photographed many famous people, even though she will most likely never see my post about her photo.

So far, this week has been one of my favorites for this class so far!

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