week six

I swear the weeks just keep going by faster and faster! I had a lot of fun with this week. Canva was my best friend, and I had a lot of fun with the assignments. I was easily able to connect our 80’s theme to this week; I felt like I could’ve done it for each assignment I did. I started out with the minimalist movie poster that was suggested, and I feel like that was the majority of my theme for this week – minimalistic design.

The three assignments I connected to the 80’s theme were the charity poster, one story four icons, and the minimalist movie poster. My favorite one out of these three was probably the minimalist movie poster, I love everything about the minimalistic style of design!

My other two designs, the body image cover and the alternate book cover were also pretty simple. The body image cover was very personal to me, and I was proud of what I created, while the alternate book cover I created shortly after to kind of lighten the mood after creating something a bit more serious.

My least favorite part of this week was the design blitz. I’m not sure why, it wasn’t super hard, but I think I  just prefer creating and designing my own things more than examining others, but I understand why it is a necessary skill and it related back to the readings for this week!

Here are the daily creates I did this week!

My favorite one was the synesthia name; I first heard about this in one of my psychology classes. I think it’s super interesting and I loved the colors of my name. I feel as if the colors of my last name really reflected its origins (Tafoya is of Spanish origin) and I felt as if the colors are really tied into that culture.

such a dope project!

my dream house vision board!

this one made me hungry! 


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