week ten

In short — this week was a lot of work, but it felt the most rewarding to me and it has been my favorite week so far, and I’m actually really looking forward to this coming week.

Let’s start off with sharing my daily creates:

The first one was my favorite! I thought it was a clever idea and I really like the colors that are used, I think they complement each other well.

Now let’s talk about the assignments I created. I’m pretty proud of myself with every video I made, but by far my favorite was the video about the 80s. I feel I captured the essence of the decade well, and although there was much more I could’ve included, it’s already a bit lengthy at 3 minutes. Also when I came up with the idea for how I wanted to end the video I was so excited because I thought it was neat!

My second favorite it the movie trailer for a book that I read called The Hunting Party. This was the video that gave me the most headaches because creating my own audio with multiple sound effects was so frustrating. My only wish is that it was a bit longer and I found better videos.

I feel neutral about the Boomerang I made in order to reach the 10 stars for this week. It was super easy, so that’s why I used it to finish things up! 

Lastly, the video analysis. I learned a lot through doing this, yet it didn’t feel as creative as the first two videos so it’s my least favorite thing from this week. The Karate Kid is one of my favorite movies though, so I tried my best not to let that bias interfere with how I analyzed the scene.

Overall, this week was pretty fun. I feel a lot more prepared for this coming week after doing all these assignments!

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