week three

I think this week I really challenged myself, and I have to say I’m proud of all the work that I’ve done. The writing assignments that I chose were ones I felt I was able to be super creative with, but I really learned a lot at the same time. For example, I learned a lot about what happened in the 80’s through my timeline, went back to the basic A, B, C’s and learned some new words, got to express myself by explaining what one of my favorite poems meant to me and tapped into my creative writing side (one that hadn’t been tapped into in a while).

As for my daily creates, those were more chill this week compared to last. I think the most challenging one I did was creating a poem from the words that were first used the year I was born. I had some pretty random words, but managed to string together a poem that somewhat made sense. 

I wanted to wait until the end to talk about the story analysis (or in my case, the film analysis) that I wrote on The Breakfast Club. I spent about three days in total on it — two days were me  just formulating ideas, and the last day (today) was me figuring out a way to tie all my thoughts together in a way that flowed and made sense. Even after the three days, it still feels like it could use some editing and revising, which is to be expected, but I can learn from that and once again give myself more time in the future. Despite feeling this way, I think I managed to say what I really wanted to say about the movie in a relatable way and I’m proud of my work! 


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