What’s Their Damage?

Hey everyone, I hope you’re staying healthy and safe! I’m really excited about the radio show my group put together. After meeting in person the week before spring break, we came up with a plan about how we were going to tackle the show. Most of our work was done in Google Docs (such as gathering the information on the criminals we’d be covering, figuring out what type of commercials and design elements we’d make). We all made our own logos/stickers/posters in Canva (mine is shown above) and we created our own bumpers and commercials for the show as well. I created a bumper about self-defense classes since and advertised for self- defense against criminals like the ones we discuss! For all the audio I created, I used Audacity (which by this project I finally feel very comfortable with).

Since we, unfortunately, got sent home, we weren’t able to meet in person and record the show together as we had originally planned. Instead, I recorded my main part of the project (the information about Jeffrey Dahmer) at home, using my sister’s high tech microphone (she likes to sing/record music so that’s why she has it). Here’s a picture of it if you’re curious to see what it looks like! It looks pretty simple, but it was very sensitive and picked up so much background noise, which I had to get used to, and I apologize ahead of time if you can hear any unwanted sounds (like my four little siblings running and screaming around the house). Using this microphone was fun and much better than recording on my laptop like I’m used to. It made the production of the show feel so much more legit! I grabbed the informative clips I used from Youtube, and played the videos on my phone and held it up next to the microphone to get the best sound possible. You can hear the differences in the audio I recorded in the commercials and bumpers, in comparison to the recording of the audio where I talk about Dahmer. I know I should’ve recorded the other clips again, but we were in a crunch for time, so I let it be.

I’m really bummed about the whole Coronavirus thing (I’m sure we all are), especially because I hoped to meet up in person with our group one last time and be able to record it all together, but Connor was gracious enough to be the backbone of threading our all our audios into one (also because no one else but him had iMovie, a platform that was going to be the easiest to work with for this show). I’m super proud of all the work that our group did, despite a couple of obstacles being thrown our way (my own health issues, other sick group members, the virus)…despite all this, I think our show turned out really well and I think it is an interesting topic that appeals to a lot of people. I’m so proud of everyone and all of our hard work! 

Check out our show and let us know what you think!

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